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Latex and plastic? What is the difference between

Data: 2021-08-16   Views: 1274

Latex is rubber tapping outflow of liquid, has milk-white, solid content is 30% ~ 40%, average rubber particle diameter of 1.06 microns. Latex can be divided into natural, synthetic and artificial 3 classes. Its purpose is mainly used for latex impregnated products: (weather, holiday, balloons, toy), medical, household, industrial gloves, pacifiers, condom; Sponge products: sponge (mattresses, pillows, shoes material of floor mat); Injection molding products: latex toys, gas masks, toiletries, shoes; Die products: rubber latex silk, medical supplies; Other applications: (hair, brown, animals and plants and the synthetic fiber, artificial leather) adhesive, flocking, nonwoven fabric, carpets, textile, papermaking, adhesives, etc.

the definition of plastic (the American association of plastics industry, mainly composed of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen and other organic or inorganic element, the finished product is solid, is in the process of manufacturing the molten liquid, so it can record heat melting, add pressure to the flow, cooling solidification, and form various shapes, the vast and varied ethnic group called plastic material. Plastic is widely used in modern life each domain, such as household appliances, instrumentation, wire and cable, construction equipment, communications electronics, automotive, aerospace, daily hardware, etc.

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