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Tips for Click PVC Plastic installation installation: (forbid using something heavy to knock the lock catch floor)

I. Environmental requirements before laying the floor

1. Ground or subfloor flatness:Pls use 2m gradienter to detect flatness,the permitted maximum gap should not over 2mm within 2m,if not,pls use proper self-leveling cement to make level.

2. The moisture content of floor: Detect the floor dry by CM basic level moisture meter, the moisture content of basic level is required to be less than 6%.

3. Air temperature and humidity in workplace: Temperature hygrometer was used to detect temperature and humidity. The room temperature shall be kept between 15-25℃, when below 10 ℃ or above 30 ℃, construction shall be banned and the indoor relative air humidity shall be between 20% and 75%.

4. Ground surface hardness: surface hardness which is tested by hardness testing device shall not be lower than 1.2 Mpa.

II. Preparation before construction

1. 48 hours before construction, unpack the product and place it with auxiliary materials at the construction site to adapt the ambient temperature and relative humidity and make it in agreement with the temperature of the construction site to prevent expansion and shrink after construction. The product shall be piled horizontally to prevent bending deflection of the floor.

2. Plan carefully and appropriately cut the ground. (The length of single room can not exceed 10m and the width can not exceed 8m. 10 mm expansion seam shall be left all round.)

The tool used for installation: 2m guiding rule instrument, CM moisture detector, graving instrument for surface hardness, temperature hygrometer, paper knife and so on.


Routine maintenance of PVC plastic floor

1. First clean the blot on the floor. There is glue or sticky on the floor, use neutral cleanser and cloth to wipe the dirt. 

2. Splash special cleanser for the floor (use according to the instruction) on the floor. Use wax-polishing machine to wipe the dirt on the floor, then use dry top to absorb the water, and then use clean water to wipe the floor. (If there is no wax-polishing machine, use other tools to wipe the dirt)

3. When the floor is clean, pour water-borne water on the clean and dry mop, and then coat the floor with wax uniformly.

4. After waxing for about 20 min, make the floor surface air drying. When the floor is dry, stand on the floor and use fax to blow the floor to reduce time. Generally, the floor will be totally dry within a few hours after being waxed. If something quite heavy needs to be moved, wait until the wax is dry. The floor can be kept bright in this way.

The above-mentioned 4 procedures are common cleaning methods. After using the floor for a period, the floor is flavescent and needs to be waxed again after being waxed for a few times, use wax remover to solve the problem. The methods are shown below:

1. Use the wax remover in proportion, splash it on the floor where the wax needs to be removed uniformly. After 10 min to 30 min, the wax remover is penetrated into the floor. Use water to brush the floor blush (if there is no wax machine). The wax needs to be removed completely, or the floor will not be bright.

2. After the wax is removed, clean and maintain the floor according to the above-mentioned 4 procedures.

Maintenance tools and raw materials: vacuum cleanser, absorbent cloth, clean machine (wax-polishing machine and mop) and cleanser.


1. Place the ground mat on the door and passageway to avoid the ash, grit and soil scratching the floor.

2. While carrying the articles, especially the article that has sharp metal on the bottom, don’t drag the article.

3. Although the fire rating of PVC floor is B1, it doesn’t mean the floor can’t be burn by fireworks. While using PVC floor, never put burning butt, mosquito-repellent incense, charged iron and metallic articles with high temperature on the floor directly to avoid the floor being damaged.

4. While cleaning the floor, don’t use steel wool or steel brush. Consult professionals for the dirt which can’t be removed in routine method. Don’t use chemicals arbitrarily, such as acetone, methylbenzene and strong acid.

5. Avoid large amounts of water on the floor surface for a long time, especially on the PVC sheet floor and transparent floor. If the floor is soaked by water, water may be penetrated under the floor. The floor can be warping, which substantially influence the service life. (Mucilage glue will dissolve the floor glue and the floor glue may lose the bond force). Warping floor may cause the wax and water in different layers, polluting the floor, or the color of the floor may be changed because sewage penetrate in the inside floor (transparent floor).

6. Avoid direct radiation of strong light and prevent radiation of ultraviolet to avoid the color of th floor is changed or faded.

7. Keep the temperature and humidity of the air: indoor temperature shall be kept between 15℃ and 25℃ and humidity between 20% and 75%. Pay special attention to the negotiability of the indoor air. Don’t keep the indoor sealed for a long time. (Especially in the holidays of the summer)

Tips for PVC plastic floor

1. What is wear resistant layer? Is thicker the wear resistant layer better? Wear resistant layer is PVC resin specially handled. Thicker the wear resistant layer is, higher the requirements of production process for the floor is. Or quality may be doubted, such as warping. So the production cost of products can be higher.

2. What is UV? What are its features? Scientific name: water ultraviolet solidified polyurethane. Features: after it is formed after being solidified, it has high surface hardness, good abrasive resistance and stain resistance.

3. Can plastic floor be used in toilet and kitchen? While laying plastic floor in toilet and kitchen, conduct self-leveling underlayment on the premises that floor is water proof. Then lay lock catch PVC floor, gum floor must use double components water proof glue. The construction of water proof and self-leveling underlayment is complicated, cost of water proof glue is expensive, about RMB 50/m2; pay special attention that PVC floor can’t be soaked by water for a long time, or it will have severe influence on the life of floor. Plastic floor is not suggested for toilet and kitchen.

4. How to remove the special dirt on the plastic floor surface? Common neutral cleanser, water degreasing agent, spraying maintenance wax, strong black offset remover, and strong glue remover (1) Oil pollution: for oil pollution of the part, directly pour stock solution of water degreasing agent on the towel to wipe; for oil pollution of a large-area, dilute unique water degreasing agent according to 1:10, use mopping machine with red lapping to mop the floor at a low speed. (2) Black offset: use spraying maintenance wax as well as high-speed polishing machine and white polishing pad to polish; for black offset that has existed for a long time, directly pour strong glue remover on the towel to wipe. (3) Glue and chewing: directly pour professional strong glue remover on the towel to wipe.

5. Plastic sheet and coiled material, which is better? Production process of plastic sheet is easier than coiled material. And make the choice according to different places and design requirements.

6. Service life of plastic floor? Service life depends on the following conditions: ① basic conditions: the floor is flat, solid, clean and dry. ② Temperature and humidity of the air: indoor temperature shall be kept between 15℃ and 25℃, and humidity between 20% and 75%. Pay special attention to the negotiability of the air. ③ Outdoor environment: application place-higher the density of per capital is, shorter the service life is. ④ Whether the maintenance is proper: if you maintain the PVC plastic floor according to routine maintenance and maintenance manual, the service life of plastic floor will be extended. In all, normal service life of plastic floor is 5 years to 20 years.

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