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Autumn Sweep, Flexible Floor Decontamination Small Seconds Move

Data: 2021-04-27   Views: 1225

Cool autumn came, really a cool ah. This time housewives (husband) who will want to home a summer "mold" taste to remove, in addition to drying bed, clothes but also a good ventilation. So that the house will naturally float a lot of dust, clean the floor is naturally indispensable.

Flooring flooring flooring friends all know that this is a very clean and clean floor. For dust as long as you can use ordinary mop scrub. But for some stubborn rare stains, today Q small series for everyone to organize a few small seconds move, the second move in hand, decontamination worry!

Small salt great power

Essence in our lives is playing the role of condiments, in fact, it is still a small expert to decontinate Oh. Sometimes accidentally get the eggs to the floor, dry the surface and found that left a ugly egg, this time only need to sprinkle a little sticky salt in the egg stick, waiting for about 10 minutes to throw it, you will find the floor The egg is gone.

Vinegar + milk / honeycomb ash = decontamination gods

Vinegar can be used in addition to cold, dipped in crabs, seasoning, plus milk or burned honeycomb coal ash, decontamination capacity of five stars. With sour milk, pay attention to not yogurt, plus a little vinegar, good white vinegar, painted in the stains, you can easily remove the stains, and will be very bright Oh. Wipe the stains on the floor of the kitchen with a burning honeycomb coal ash, and then sprinkle vinegar on the mop and stain it with dirt and grease.

Tape, rice to solve the debris

Sometimes accidentally broken the cup or the window, a glass of glass looked at all the dangerous. And the elastic floor afraid of this sharp things, we must immediately clean up. The small particles can be seen with the sticky eyes can be sticky; glass powder can take the water of cotton sucked, or sprinkle some rice, the powder stick, and then use the vacuum cleaner to suck the rice.

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