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What is the buying skill of wooden floor? Choosing wooden floors must not ignore these

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In addition to floor tiles, the floor decoration can also choose wooden floor. The foot feeling of the wooden floor is more comfortable than the chilled floor tiles. Even in winter, it will not cause cold feeling. So you know how to choose the wooden floor in your home?

First, the classification of wooden floors

1, solid wood flooring

The raw material of the solid wood floor is the whole natural wood, which is processed through multiple complicated processes such as drying, anti-corrosion and cutting, and finally the wooden floor is produced. These floors have a thick foot and retain the natural texture of the logs, and are environmentally friendly. However, solid wood flooring also has shortcomings. It is difficult to manage in the later stage. It is not easy to dry indoors, otherwise it is easy to crack, and the price is high. It is generally above 200 yuan/square meter. For families with tight budget, it is not recommended to buy. .

2, laminate flooring

The laminate flooring is a composite floor. The raw materials are wood powder, resin, organic materials, etc. The high-density substrate layer is made of high temperature and high pressure, and the moisture-proof film is lined with a layer of decorative paper as a decorative layer. A material such as aluminum oxide or melamine is formed to form a wear resistant layer. The laminate flooring has high wear resistance, durability, and low price, generally within 100 yuan / square meter. However, this kind of wooden floor has a poor sense of foot and a high expansion rate, especially for some low-priced products, and the environmental protection is exceptionally poor.

3, solid wood composite floor

Parquet is a kind of wooden floor between solid wood flooring and laminate flooring. It is made of a variety of thin wood boards. It can be divided into three layers of solid wood flooring and multi-layer solid wood flooring. The base layer of this kind of wooden floor is made of cheap pine or poplar, but the wood used for the surface is more expensive, such as teak, eucalyptus, birch, ash, etc., so the texture is also natural and beautiful. The price of solid wood composite flooring is generally around 150 yuan / square meter, but the surface hardness is low, and the amount of glue is high.

4, bamboo flooring

Bamboo wood flooring is a wooden floor made of bamboo and wood. The core material is made of wood as raw material. It has strong stability, strong and durable, and then uses bamboo covering, so the appearance is natural and fresh, the texture is smooth and smooth, and the toughness and elasticity are very good. However, the price of such flooring is relatively high, basically at 180 yuan / square meter or more.

5, cork flooring

Cork flooring is the top product in wood flooring. It is made of bark of cork oak, which is excellent in moisture resistance, sound insulation, environmental protection and durability. However, the price of cork flooring is very high, basically above 300 yuan / square meter, the average family is rarely used.

Second, the wooden floor shopping skills

1, the price

The price is the first factor to consider when purchasing the floor. For the budget, and the comfort of the foot and the environmental protection of the home space, the solid wood floor can be given priority. If the budget is tight, you can choose a low-priced laminate flooring that is economical and durable. If you want to pursue the feeling and nature of solid wood, and there is not so much budget, you can consider the solid wood composite floor, the cost is relatively high.

2, color

The color of the floor will directly affect the decoration style. The solid wood floor generally has three parts: light, medium and deep. The color is relatively simple. The dark color is suitable for Chinese, European and American styles. The middle color is suitable for modern style or Japanese style. Shallow The color is suitable for Nordic style and pastoral style. However, if you choose laminate flooring or solid wood composite flooring, the choice of color is more diverse, you can choose according to your actual needs, but you need to consider all aspects of style, cleaning difficulty and so on.

3, texture

When selecting a wooden floor, it is important to observe whether the texture of the surface is natural and whether there is a significant fault. You can randomly pick a few pieces of floor to spell on the ground to see if the transition between the textures is natural, and observe whether there is obvious chromatic aberration. At the same time, pay attention to check the section of the floor to see if the texture of the floor is tight and meticulous. Generally speaking, the higher the density of the wood, the better the stability.

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