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Plastic industry include?

Data: 2021-10-14   Views: 2329

Plastic industry in China is plastic processing as the core, including plastic resins, additives and additives, plastic processing machinery and mould, as a whole. Mainly in the domestic demand for plastic products market in the future agricultural plastic products, packaging plastic products, plastic products, industry, traffic construction and engineering plastic products and so on several aspects. Engineering plastics is the fastest growing in the plastic industry categories, with the rapid development of our country's economy, the increasing of quantity and range of application. Products include traffic and transportation industry in the field with plastic, electronic information, electrical, industrial engineering plastics, etc.

10 categories of products:

1, flexible packaging, air permeability, barrier property, one-off composite or single layer film, sheet, container;

2, industrial products packaging: woven bags, heavy bags, heat resistance (may be built in petrochemical base, not considered here).

3, logistics, storage and transportation: turnover box, tray, plate, diaphragm, shelves, containers;

4, building and decoration materials, indoor partition, decoration, furniture board, tables and chairs, garden fence, decorative doors and Windows, pipes, waterproof materials, etc;

5, medicine, medical apparatus and instruments, including syringes, sterilization containers, recycling bin, medical gloves, medical garment cap, bag, bottle, etc.;

6, and tourism: a one-time supplies including disposable lunch box, film, shopping bags, garbage bags, trash can,etc;

7, agricultural greenhouse film, film, fruit bagging;

8, industrial parts, electrical appliances, hardware, electrical accessories, auto parts.

9, plastic modified special material.

10, rubber products.

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